Then use a flat-blade screwdriver to carefully separate the dust seal from the upper fork tube, all the while taking care not to damage the seal or the upper tube.

Access the Leaking Fork Seals.

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. . Jun 13, 2022 Step 1 Unscrew the sealing plug.

If there is any dirt between the dust seal and the fork seal you need to clean this, next grab your seal mate.

. Oct 8, 2009 Loosen the bottom Rebound adjuster nut then remove it drain the oil from the fork leg that may take a little while, then through the hole left by the rebound adjuster nut add oil , push the bottom of the cartridge to the side when you add oil to the forks, this way you will know how much is in the fork leg. A Q-tip (cotton swab) seems to work well also.

The Dust seal keeps the majority of dust and dirt away from the oil seal. It keeps the fork seal in a good condition for a long time.


Id reckon suspension is the most accurately.

From all the videos I saw on the topic I saw people using seal mates (or something of that kind) and sliding it up into there seals and cleaning it. .

. Wipe any dirt and oil from the dust seal.

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Use a clean towel or rag to wipe away any dirt and oil from the lower fork legs.

Oct 26, 2017 Use a zip tie and a needle pen oiler, done in 10 seconds.

Step 2 Remove the fork tube.

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How to Clean Fork Seals Step 1 Remove the Fork Guards to Access Leaking Fork Seals. This is usually where most of the dirt comes out, with the grease that is forced by the dust wiper. . Soak a cloth with oil and work on the area where the seal rested. However, some of the bigger motorcycles like the Honda Goldwing might have a caliper on both sides of the wheel, so youll need to remove both calipers if thats the case.

Apr 3, 2021 The tool that Death posted works far better than other seal tools.

clean out any dirt that is stuck between the seal and the fork tube. While you may be tempted to ignore.


Dec 1, 2022 Step 1.



Avoid pushing the dirt into the oil seal.