make go of it. .

Synonyms contend, vie, struggle, compete, strive.

to tolerate or endure.

make out. . RT AWULrusPL Here&39;s the definition of - forced pregnancy A concept, created by pro-death lunatics that fundamentally and legally cannot exist outside of the context of warring States.

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verb (used without object), coped, cop&183;ing. (construction) A covering piece on top of a wall exposed to the weather, usually made of metal, masonry, or stone and sloped to carry off water. .

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Synonyms of cope.

. 27 synonyms for cope manage, get by, struggle through, rise to the occasion, survive, carry on, make out, make.

. .

come to terms with.
synonyms contend.

cope synonyms, cope pronunciation, cope translation, English dictionary definition of cope.

handle the stress.

. Synonyms for cope in Free Thesaurus. .

The pop superstar puts her money in a niche type of mutual. to tolerate or endure. . The synonyms of Cope are contend, deal, get by, grapple, make do, make out, manage, survive, subsist, look after oneself, fend for oneself, shift for oneself, stand. handle stress. keeping the wolf from the door.

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looking after oneself.


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Synonyms for to cope with include round, around, to deal with, to handle, to manage, to confront, to contend with, to face, to grapple with and to come to terms with.

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