Suitable for Seniors, singles, families with.

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We only place kittens in homes that we believe will provide a life-long commitment of love, appreciation, and responsible care. .

Placing a deposit early will ensure that you receive the first pick of the litter.


They do enjoy to play games but tend to be a more quiet and docile cat breed. Vet checked, normal and healthy , vaccinated, Kitten pack. .

Jasans Cattery has been registered with the CFA since 1981.

Very calm, this is. Top view of cute happy british longhair chinchilla persian kitten cat standing next mouse doll and looking up at camera owner and asking for pet food prize in the morning with copy space. Enter Your Subject.

In Britain, it is called the "Longhair" or "Persian Longhair" (tipped varieties are known as "Chinchilla Longhair"). Their round head is adorned with tufted ears, that are spaced apart and relatively small.

Pedigree persian kittens.

Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

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And I have found larger Persian kittens tend to also have difficult surviving.

Suitable for Seniors, singles, families with.

The beginning price for a quality Persian kitten starts around 500 but can be as high 1,200 depending on the breeder and the cat's bloodline.

5 FA. com. Jasans Cattery has been registered with the CFA since 1981.

Luxe is a Chinchilla Silver Persian. Custom portraits of your beloved cat - Click on pic. . 4 Persian Kitten Breeders in Nearby States. We have been breeding Chinchilla Silver Persians almost exclusively from the bloodlines of Jeanne & Phillip Ramsdale of Dearheart Cattery since 1970. Pick up from Preston Melbourne.


Instead there is stronger evidence for a longhaired cat. Body Chinchillas have a cobby body type with a broad and deep chest and large shoulder, the rump is equally large.

Age 3.

They'll be ready for collection on 31052023 and come with worm and.

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The Chinchilla Persian (Silver Chinchilla) has black tipped fur on a white undercolour.